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making news while chas advertising the north koreans. the attorney general back home in the united states dominating today's headlines with stunning news that the 9/11 hijackers are coming back to new york to stand trial, steps from the scene much their infamous crime. >> i'm confident in the ability of the courts to provide a fair trial just as they have for over 200 years. the alleged 9/11 conspirators will stand trial in the justice system before an impartial jury under long established rules and procedures. i would like to assure the american people that we will prosecute these cases vigorously and we will pursue the maximum punishment available. these were extraordinary crimes and so we will seek maximum penalties. >> geraldo: the decision to bring five terrorists to new york for a trial created a tsunami of comments from republicans. >> these people are qualified as terrorists around should not be tried in civil court and given the same rights and privileges that an american citizen should. >> this was not just another murder in the city of new york here. this was an act of war and
to be friends. >> the united states does not seek to contain china nor does a deeper relationship of china mean a weakening of bilateral alliances. on the contrary. the rietz of a strong prosperous china can be a source of strength for community of nations. >> as parted of his charm offensive before midnight tonight eastern time about an hour, 45 minutes from now the president is scheduled to participate in a town hall style meeting with an audience of mostly young people in the big chinese city of shanghai with the latest on that from shanghai major garrett who is traveling with the president joins us. hey, major, what's the buzz on this town hall? is it expected to be adoring or confrontational? >>> oo it will probably be something in between. they are dickering or fighting over each other in the contours or consent to the town mall. to circumvent the election to control the events being imposed to president obama the white house invited and collected through the u.s. embassy questions through the web site for the past couple weeks. the president will get those unseen in the course of the tow
. >> if they made this decision this would be unprecedented that the united states has used international law instead of our own constitution as the basis to adjudicate a case. >> amnesty international and a bunch of other organizations filed a brief argueing that because of customary international law the united states was bound already to follow the u.n. convention on the rights of the child that we haven't ratified as a country. i filed a brief opposing saying they have the international law wrong. more importantly, american law should govern america. >> some of our young people are lost souls in our country and we have to find a system to help get them on the right path. is what my risk start program is about, working withat risk children to h help get them on the right path, raising self-esteem and in stilling the discipline the kids are lack. that is what is wrong with so many kids today. they are lost souls and trying to make make a mark but the mark is in a devastating way. like the columbine. that is an example of kids who are lost that needed a right participant to get them on the r
wouldspike to know whether terrorism is the laeatest secy hity cohowern for the united states and how do you assess the military actions in af hanistan or weather it will turn into another iraqi war? thank youms ery m3 peh. th i think that is an excellent question. first of all, i do continue to believe that the greatest threat to united states securives. are the terrorist neer and the reason is because even though they are small in han, ier, what they have showns that they have no conscience pet counves. of innocent civilians. -- destruction of innocent earvilians. and bece case of technology toy if an portion like that got a weapons of mass destr3 petion and its hands or a muck or chemical or biological city and used it in a cits, s whether it is shanghai or new york, just a few could potentially kill tens of thousands of pauple, maybe hundreds of thousands ups. so it really does pt one an se,traospminary threat. now, the reason we originally went into af hanistan was because alteseda was in afghanistan being hosted by the taliban. tho border of afghanistan andthy are in pas ke mak down th
the president of the united states for encore dine. our molly line asked the governor about the unprecedented assist from the white house. >> just one quick question. the president here for a third time. unprecedented visits. do you think in the final days there is a sense of concern on the white house and the national implications of the race. >> this is not a last minute decision. this was part of a plan to work together. we have been partners on turning our economy around and investing in jobs, saying jobs. >> i think it is good for the president, if we win at the end of the day the most important issues that people will consider when they go to the booth are things here in new jersey. f it fires up my base and democrats and people interested in keeping the momentum that president obama has laid down on turning our nation around from the disasterrous eight years of the bush administration, trickle down economics that failed, cost americans seven and a quarter million jobs, i if it fires upe base i think it is great. >> geraldo: corzine's challenge letter tried to minimize the president gra
on what he thinks the democrat plan of healthcare reform will do the to the united states. we have preview of exclusive interview you'll see only on "fox news sunday." listen. >> this is not about insuring the uninsured, it's not about healthcare. this is about stealing one-sixth of the u.s. private sector and putting it under the control of federal government. when they get the healthcare bill if they do, that's the easie easiest, fassest way to regulate every aspect of human behavior. it all has some related cost to healthcare. what we drive, what you eat, where you live, what you do. and it will be penalties for violating regulation. it will be the biggest snatch of freedom and liberty that has yet occurred in the country. >> julie: as we mentioned you can see the exclusive interview in its entirety tomorrow on "fox news sunday". check local listing for air times in your area. tonight, the u.s. transferred six guantanamo bay detainees. fox news confirming six detainees have been moved to the island east of the philippines. they agreed to take up to a dozen part of a muslim minority in c
the fire out there. >> the bottom line is you are allowed in the united states of america to take your car and crash into, you can drive a demolition derby in your driveway if you choose to as long as you are not putting in an insurance claim and damaging or hurting any one else. it doesn't appear that he committed any crime and he has a constitutional right as an american and just because he is a celebrity doesn't mean he loses his rights, of just keeping his mouth shut and closing his door and handling this in the private way that he chose to handle it. >> what do you think? >> the statement itself is not surprising to me. tiger has always maintained his privacy to a great deal. it is going to continue to fuel the rumors out there and the media is still going to investigate exactly what happened that night and certainly reflects back a little bit to the reports that we put out two days before the accident that he had been involved according to a woman in a romantic relationship and a cheating scandal. >> now, you spoke with this woman, the alleged mistress. >> yes, i spoke with rachel uc
of the congress of the united states. i think before this program is very over these representatives will be voting on a landmark $1.2 trillion healthcare reform bill either noteworthy because it holds out the promise of coverage for virtually all americans or is to be condemn debating the antiabortion provision that was agreed to by the so-called blue dog democrats to get their support of the bill. in other words, if this amendment passes, no federal money may be used to insurance or cover the costs of abortions. as of right now, you can see it is extremely close, the nos outnumbering the ayes, 94-78. but this amendment is expected to pass. we will continue to monitor it. what the compromise omnibus will do is require most americans to carry health insurance and provide subsidies to those who cannot afford to do so. the insurance industry will be more cleesely regulated under the provisions of the bill and industry practice of denying coverage for preexisting medical conditions will be banned and much to the dismay of critics, the government if this bill passes will be selling polic
the questions per se. it sort of fuels the fire is what it seems so far. >> you are allowed in the united states of america take your car and crash it. you can have a dem layings -- or hurting anybody else. it doesn't awe're he just because he's a lib credit this is real ry pretty >> i think certainly kimberly the statement it sieve is not surprising to me. tiger always maintained his privacy to a great deal. however it is going to continue to fuel rumors that are out there. media investigating what happened that night. it reflects back to the reports we put out 2 days before the accident. he has been involved according to a woman in a romantic relationship and cheating scandal. >> you spoke with this woman the alleged miss industries. >> well, we had numb cruz she changed her story several i ams in telephone conversations with me. since thundershower story went out and the fact that she is global a scandal is scared turned to an attorney in los angeles before miking it to the attorney made several statements and caught herself up in additional contradiction. there's a lot out there but i can te
to them than any politician because it happened within their ranks. to those members of the united states military who are muslims thank you for serving our nation and for standing up against people who are trying to hijack reviewer reli -- your religion. >> all evidence at this point indicates the suspect allegedly acted alone in the actual shootings at the readiness center on 5 november. we have no evidence thus far that contradicts that evidence. all evidence indicates there was only one shooter who allegedly acted alone in the shooting. if any evidence comes to life that contradicts that we will pursue it aggressively. >> here is craig. >> the 20th engineer battalion was struck particularly hard. a lot of men were shot down by hassan. this was the home of sergeant alvin howard a 37-year-old who is about to be deployed to afghanistan. his wife kenisha. >> can you tell us how you found out what happened? >> i was watching the news and once i -- they mentioned src center. i knew that was where he was atat. i had spoken with him an hour before. his first sergeant told me they were trying
has all of this great concern. bush did this -- >> president of the united states went to dover to pay his respects to the families who made so much a sacrifice to those brave service people who made the ultimate sacrifice. it was the appropriate thing to do. i think most persons appreciate that. >> do you appreciate that? >> do you believe he was right when he said it was a photo op? >> i think the idea that he doesn't sincerely feel for a fallen soldier to me is beyond bizarre. the other families didn't want to have pictures taken. >> he met them privately there were no cameras. >> he never went there first of all. the reason he didn't want any pictures is because he didn't want people to think about the fact that they were fallen soldiers. the whole point is i think we should pay much more attention to this. i think there should be more attention paid to this? >> why are you shaking your head? >> i don't think there's any question any president whether george bush or barack obama has a concern and their heart goes out to the people who made the supreme sacrifice. we have a country i
in this case. if the president of the united states and with the prime minister of an ally whose country was subjected to a horrible -- >> she is up close and personal with president obama. they took pictures with biden and rahm emanuel and my goodness, robin roberts from "good morning america." it is unbelievable. i hope you do this investigation and we get some answers because this should never be allowed to happen again. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much. >>> now, to fox news correspondent caroline shively with the secret service play by play of how the party crashers got past them. >> you are supposed to have an engraved invitation and give your name and social security number and date of birth and then they do a background check on you before the dinner even starts. the white house says the couple crashed the state dinner a few days ago and now the white house is releasing the nose toe showing them in the blueroom getting a grip and grim photo with the president right next to india's prime minister. the secret service said although they went through the magn
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)